It all started when…

...two fun loving friends went to Bali together.

Like a couple of teenage school girls, we often refer to each other as SOUL SISTAs (we know... so lame). Our friendship is one that doesn’t come around in life often – you know what we’re talking about right?

We laugh at each other and each other’s jokes - daily!  We message each other 20 times an hour. 

We are completely different. One brunette, one blonde. One happy with no makeup, one would die with no makeup. One is comfortable wearing gym gear all day, one could only coup if she didn't have to pop out of the house in spandex. 

... yet our brains are wired together like we are soul sistas (yeah... we just said it again...)!






We both LOVE travelling – especially together! Our friendship is built on fun, our creative minds and appreciation of beautiful homewares.

It is the sole purpose of why you are here today – to create a business based on what we love, how we do it and to share it with others like us.



THE PHOTOGRAPHER / Growing up with a mum who had an SLR attached to her hand, Kara developed a love for photography and capturing images of our beautiful world and the people within it, from a very early age. Creating images from the candid, authentic moments we experience in every day life, is what inspires Kara.

As co-owner of Found, Kara captures the "vibe" of who we are.  If you are lucky enough to score a spot on one of our Ultimate Safari experiences, Kara also stalks our guests, waiting to capture the right moment when you least expect it.

Kara is also mum to Wilder Oak Way. Juggling motherhood, with business, Kara effortlessly keeps up the laughter and relaxed approach on life with ease.  

Find Kara Way here:
Professional Photographer /
 @karalway / www.karalway.com


nat winter

THE STYLIST / With a heart and eye for style and design, Nat is your go to creative for all things home beautiful.

Having renovated and styled homes both in Australia and abroad, Nat is every interior lovers BFF in need.

Coupling her innate sense of the divinely beautiful with her personal warmth, Nat has an ability to capture and nurture her clients personal style and direct them toward designs to match.

""I like to create spaces that you never want to leave. Fully styled, yet fully relaxed."

Find Nat here:
rofessional Stylist  + store / @chasingwinter.com.au / www.chasingwinter.com.au